About Us

Deth Kult is a 1-man project founded by artist/designer/illustrator Matt Young (aka myohmy Design) in 2013. The UK-based independent clothing company incorporates a trademark attitude and personal perspective on street subculture, with an emphasis on community over product. DK is a direct, hard-hitting brand but far from being dark as the name suggests, it contains a good dose of humour and sarcasm.
The originality of DETH KULT is in its tone: sarcasm to the full! This is especially prevalent in its underlying theme of celebrating death with enthusiasm and humour. Evolving over time, the label appropriates itself with various logo tees and designs which create a more affirmed and punchier style. T-shirts, accessories and sweats are all available mixing pop culture and tattoos in to a unique style. 
All designs are created in-house; specialising in unique, high quality, limited edition apparel inspired by Music, Tattoo-Culture and Pop-Culture.
Join the KULT and wear to DETH. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE.